There are a variety of ways to get involved with our productions. We are always looking for cast members, costume and prop designers, tech crew members, and more.

Performance Opportunities

Spring Shows

Every spring, Anchorless produces a musical in partnership with Mychal's Learning Place. Roles are available to all Mychal's students. This program gives students an opportunity to learn acting and dancing skills, play a lead or supporting role, and perform in a show.


We are currently working on a production of Matilda The Musical JR. Come see the shows in June!

Fall Shows

Each fall, Anchorless produces a musical in partnership with the Friendship Foundation. Roles are available exclusively to Friendship Foundation students. The program gives students an opportunity to learn acting and dancing skills, play a lead or supporting role, and perform in a show.


We've just completed our production of Frozen KIDS. Check back this summer for information on our Fall 2021 show.

Volunteer Opportunities

Performance Volunteer

If you want to take on this role for one of our productions, you’ll be onstage and a part of the cast! Therefore, you’ll be expected to come to rehearsals every week. In addition to learning stage direction and choreography along with the students, you’ll also have the opportunity to lead warm-ups and theatre games.

"Everything's enjoyable in Anchorless. The kids are energetic, and there's always something to learn from each one of them. It's neat to see how each student learns at their own pace and how the volunteers adapt to each one of their learning styles."

-Aaron Henschel, Performance Volunteer

Tech Crew Volunteer

If you can’t commit to attending weekly rehearsals but are still interested in being involved, this opportunity is perfect for you. You’ll be assigned a job within a group that helps to put on a production backstage. You could be assigned lights, sound, costume changes, or props. You will be expected to attend rehearsals the week before the show (four or five days).

"Volunteering for Anchorless during tech week was a great opportunity for me to connect with the students during the most nerve wrecking part of the process. While being on sound for Willy Wonka, I was able to give the students their chance to be heard while doing what they love. It was a beautiful process to see them flourish in their performances and become comfortable with technical elements that professional actors still struggle with."

- Leona Pickard, Tech Volunteer

Costume and Prop Designers

If you have a busy schedule and feel as though you wouldn’t be a committed performance or tech volunteer, you can help with the visual aspect of the production! You’ll be a part of a group that creates costumes and selects props.

"Being a part of the Costumes and Props team has given me an amazing experience. I've never had such a unique opportunity to work closely with a team of my peers to design part of the show and to learn what goes into the whole production process."

- Francie Kraus, Lead Costume Designer

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