Each school year, we produce a fall and spring musical alongside two different organizations that provide extracurricular classes to special needs students. We're so grateful for the support we've received from these two incredible organizations.


Friendship Foundation

2108 Vail Ave., Redondo Beach, CA

(310) 214-6677

We perform our fall shows with the Friendship Foundation. The staff members from their organization that work alongside us –Daniel Stump (Program Development Director), John Zimniski (Program Manager), Maddy Silver (Program Manager) and Shelley Johnson (Recreation Leader) – are insightful and hardworking, and we're grateful to do business with them. Their programs foster a friendly and lighthearted environment. Also, the students here have become passionate and hardworking actors and actresses since being introduced to theatre.


Mychal's Learning Place

4901 Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, CA

(310) 297-9333

Each spring, we produce a musical with Mychal's Learning Place. Their on-top-of-it staff members who coordinate and support our team – Ed Lynch (Executive Director), David Sevilla (After School Program Site Supervisor), Christie Martinez (Administrative Program Director), and Esteban Chaidez (Lead Support Staff)– are a pleasure to work with. Christina and Jessica had already produced some shows before Anchorless was founded, but our Creative Teams and volunteer base has taken the students' acting skills to the next level. We're incredibly thankful to work with their students!