Each school year, we produce a fall and spring musical alongside two different organizations that provide extracurricular classes to special needs students. We're so grateful for the support we've received from these two incredible organizations.

Friendship Foundation

2108 Vail Ave., Redondo Beach, CA


We perform our fall shows with Friendship Foundation. Usually beginning around September and ending around March, it's always a blast to work here. We'd like to shout out a few of their staff members that have helped us out a lot with our productions: Nina Patel, Shannon Jones, Shelley Johnson, and Sharon Siegel.

Mychal's Learning Place

4901 Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, CA


For our spring shows, we work with Mychal's Learning Place. Already having done a fall show before we arrive to produce their spring musical, cast members are always fired up and ready for the fast-paced schedule and process we provide. Rehearsals typically take place from March to June. A big thank you to the Mychal's staff members, such as Christina Webb and Jessica Park, for all the support and dedication!

Located in the South Bay

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