December 2020

Griffin Ephraim

Student of the Month

     Griffin is best known for his sense of humor and positive energy. He loves swimming, writing, animating, and playing music on his keyboard. In his free time, he also likes to research trivia and visit Disneyland theme parks.

     Griffin works hard to memorize all of his lines and learn the choreography for the dance numbers. Last year in Willy Wonka, he starred as Mr. Bucket, and he's looking forward to performing in Frozen KIDS as Hans. Through his involvement with Anchorless, Griffin has found a sense of belonging by connecting with the members of our group while developing a new passion: acting. 

Jaqueline Tran

Volunteer of the Month

     Jacqueline has recently joined the Anchorless family as a performance volunteer in Frozen KIDS. She also regularly attends our Saturday drama classes to participate, lead breakout rooms, and occasionally co-teach. Her favorite aspect of Anchorless is staying in touch with new and old friends and seeing them grow through theatre.

     Jacqueline is a freshman at the University of Southern California. Outside of school and Anchorless, she can be seen volunteering at programs run by The Friendship Foundation and knitting.

November 2020

Erin Pawlowski

Student of the Month

Erin is one of our most expressive and avid students. She has previously been a cast member in Beauty and the Beast and Willy Wonka KIDS, and she's currently involved in Frozen KIDS and our Saturday drama class program.

Erin also participates in programs at The Friendship Foundation and Golden Heart Ranch. Some of her hobbies include swimming, dancing, and playing sports such as karate. She's also very friendly and approachable and loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Jacob Pascover

Volunteer of the Month

Jacob is one of our newest Anchorless volunteers, and his debut show with us will be Frozen KIDS in February. He has already been placed in leadership positions, including teaching a Saturday drama class, guiding students to complete a scripting exercise in a breakout room, and leading his fellow cast members in practicing one of the dance numbers during a Frozen rehearsal. He's very enthusiastic and contributes to the fun and lighthearted Anchorless environment we strive to create.

Jacob participates in theatre at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School as well. He's a member of the Comedy Sportz team there and has been a cast member in some of their productions. In his free time, he can be seen playing video games and watching movies.

October 2020

Andrew Mathews

Student of the Month

Andrew is a part of the Adult Program in Mychal's Learning Place and is involved with their fencing, softball, and bowling teams. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He's very friendly and loves to tell jokes.

He has been a cast member in two of our previous shows: Aladdin KIDS and The Jungle Book KIDS. He always comes to rehearsal ready to put forth his best effort. His favorite part of the production process is being assigned a new role to learn.

Garrett Nose

Volunteer of the Month

Garrett is a fairly new member of the Anchorless family. He serves on the Executive Board as our Chief Financial Officer, and is a performance volunteer in Frozen KIDS. His past experience with volunteering and finance, coupled with his cooperative and hardworking attitude, makes him an excellent addition to our team.

Outside of Anchorless, Garrett enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. He's also a part of the Mira Costa High School golf program, and he's currently captain of the Junior Varsity team. In addition, he has a passion for politics, being involved in his school's Model United Nations program and Political Debate Club.

September 2020

Casey Rohrer

Student of the Month

Casey has been involved in each one of our fall productions with The Friendship Foundation. He is a very positive and uplifting cast member.

Casey has an interest in the arts and storytelling beyond the musicals he's done with Anchorless. He has written many stories and plays, is training to become a comedian, enjoys visiting theaters, and has starred in local musicals like Once Upon a Mattress.

Katie Cottle

Volunteer of the Month

Again this month, we're spotlighting an alumna volunteer. Katie was one of our most longstanding volunteers. She was a part of the cast in several Anchorless shows, such as Aladdin KIDSThe Jungle Book KIDSThe Lion King KIDS, and High School Musical, Jr. Her favorite part of the rehearsal process is supporting the students in learning the dance numbers.

Katie does other volunteer work outside of our organization, including reading to kindergarteners and caring for preschoolers. Currently, she's a freshman at the University of Missouri.

August 2020

Gregory Sadaris

Student of the Month

Gregory is one of our most enthusiastic and dedicated students. He has been in two of our productions, starring as The Genie in Aladdin and as Baloo in The Jungle Book. He is always engaged in rehearsals, and he loves getting to know his fellow cast members.

Gregory attends school at Larch Village. He is also involved in a number of activities through Mychal's Learning Place and is known for his friendly and outgoing personality. In his free time, Gregory enjoys listening to music.

Flor Rodriguez

Volunteer of the Month

Flor has been involved in four of our shows with Mychal's, both as a cast member and as a member of the crew. She‘s a friendly and patient cast member, and she’s also a natural leader. Flor's favorite part of Anchorless is playing theatre games at the beginning of rehearsals because she loves to see everyone laughing and having fun.

Outside of Anchorless, Flor is a student at Santa Monica Community College. In her free time, she enjoys coloring and painting. She also loves singing and baking.

July 2020

Siena Mehta

Student of the Month

Siena is one of our newest Friendship Foundation students. Last fall, she starred in Willy Wonka as both the Candy Man and Wonka. She has demonstrated her commitment in many ways: she has asked relevant questions about stage direction during rehearsal, she answers questions given to the class and is always engaged, and she's always eager to kick off every rehearsal.

In her free time, Siena can be found watching movies, spending time with friends, or doing puzzles. She participates in other extracurricular classes outside Anchorless including horseback riding, swim, and dance. She attends Redondo Union High School.

Elizabeth Goldman

Volunteer of the Month

Elizabeth attends Mira Costa High School and plays for the school's lacrosse team. Outside of school, she is usually a part of 1-2 musical productions. She loves going to the beach, training and playing with her dogs, and reading.

Elizabeth has been involved with two of Anchorless' musicals, both of which were at Mychal's Learning Place. In Jungle Book, she was in the main dance numbers, and she helped behind the scenes with sound and set changes. In High School Musical, she played a cheerleader and a teacher.

June 2020

Robert Smith

Student of the Month

Robert, who has been a cast member in all three shows we've done at Mychal's Learning Place, is a loving and focused student of ours. Not only is he a strong actor, but he's also a leader in rehearsal. He created one of the theatre games we commonly play at Anchorless to kick off rehearsals called "Robert's Game" in which participants go through the five stages of grief in different improv scenes.

Outside of Anchorless, Robert is known as a funny yet focused individual. He enjoys spending time with friends in his free time. He also watches superhero movies for entertainment and also to learn from professional actors.

Aaron Henschel

Volunteer of the Month

Aaron, one of our younger volunteers who attends Manhattan Beach Middle School, is a kind and admired individual. When he's not at an Anchorless rehearsal, he can be found playing baseball or basketball or spending time with friends and family. In addition, he's involved with his school's theatre department.

Through his work with our organization, Aaron has developed a better understanding of the special needs community. He prides himself in forming connections with other cast members.

May 2020

Payton Pascover

Student of the Month

Payton is one of our most dedicated students. She's starred in all three productions we've done with Friendship Foundation, and she is always enthusiastic about helping and getting to know the volunteers. She even encouraged her friends to join our drama class after her first production, Lion King.

Outside of school, Payton also participates in dance, karate, hip hop, and music classes with Ready Willing and Able. She enjoys seeing friends, playing sports, and horseback riding.

Holden Friedrich

Volunteer of the Month

Holden, a committed member of the Anchorless family, has been a part of the cast in our last two shows with Friendship Foundation. His hard work ethic and sense of humor make him a well-respected and well-liked cast member. His favorite part of the Anchorless experience is playing theatre games with the kids during rehearsal — Zip-Zap-Zop is his favorite.

Holden attends Mira Costa High School and is a part of the Model United Nations and MAC Rowing programs. In his free time, he can be found playing video games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

April 2020

Joe Newman

Student of the Month

Joe is best characterized by his positive and energetic attitude. Outside the productions he does with Anchorless, he's a student at Mira Costa High School, and he enjoys playing sports and games in his free time. 

Joe has been a cast member in our last two productions with Friendship Foundation. In our most recent one, Willy Wonka, he played the role of Charlie Bucket. Like most of our students, he discovered theatre for the first time through Anchorless and has developed a passion for it. Not only is he a hardworking and committed actor, but he's also very talented and entertaining to watch on stage.

Francie Kraus

Volunteer of the Month

Don't let her reserved demeanor fool you – Francie is one of our most on-top-of-it, supportive volunteers. Because she did such a superb job in her first production with us, Beauty and the Beast, we decided to pair her up with the lead for our latest show, Willy Wonka. The kids at Friendship Foundation look up to her.

Besides Anchorless, Francie is a student at Mira Costa High School, where she's involved with the Drama/Tech Department. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with friends.

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