Every January, we hold a silent auction to fundraise for that year's shows. Along with this, we give a "sneak peak" of the fall show (usually performed in March or April) by holding a performance of the first dance number! It's a fun night with food, socializing, and more as well. If you'd like to attend our January fundraiser for 2021 (or modified one because of COVID-19) make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or check back here for details. If you have anything you could donate (e.g. gift baskets, sports tickets, etc.) please shoot us an email at


We have occasional bake sales throughout the year to raise money for sets, costumes, and other design elements for a specific show. If you'd like to volunteer or be a customer at one of our bake sales, follow our Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter, or check back on this page.

Located in the South Bay

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